Data Service Systems

CropScape: a web service based application for exploring and disseminating Cropland Data Layer (CDL)

VegScape: a geospatial data service offering automated updates of vegetative conditions and delivering interactive vegetation indices that enable quantification of U.S. crop conditions for exploring, visualizing, querying, and disseminating via interactive maps.

Crop-CASMA: a web-based geospatial application designed to remotely sense geospatial soil moisture and vegetation index data derived from NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) missions to assess U.S. soil moisture condition and crop vegetation conditions.

CropSmart: Building a Digital Twin for national-scale field-level crop monitoring, prediction, and decision support.

iCrop – In-season Crop Mapping Explorer: a web service based application for exploring and disseminating in-season and pre-season U.S. crop cover.

NASA Urban IDS Data Explorer: a web-based data portal for NASA IDS Project "Improved understanding and prediction of extreme precipitation in multiple urban systems".

WaterSmart Data Information Portal: a web-based data portal for NSF WaterSmart Project.

WaterSmart Irrigation Decision System: a web-based irrigation decision system for NSF WaterSmart Project.

EarthCube Building Block: CyberConnector:a NSF-funded open source project aiming to develop an EarthCube building block for facilitating the automatic preparation and feeding of both historic and near-real time Earth Observation customized data and on-demand derived products into Earth science models.

Data Catalog Service

GEOSS Component and Service Registry (CSR)

GEOSS Information Exchange Datahub

Cloud Service

GeoBrain Cloud